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Jens Dowe
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This was not a night to be a Villa supporter, crowbared into the corner of a packed-out Gerhard Hanappi stadium. Armed with loudhailers, microphones and never-ending enthusiasm, bare-chested supporters who had taken it upon themselves to MC for the night whipped their fellow fans into a ferment. The travelling supporters - less than 300 of them - didn't stand a chance.
Text aus dem Daily Telegraph nach dem 1:0 von Rapid gegen Aston Villa am 20.8.2009
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Details2:029 ALTH5:002.12.2000Österreichische Meisterschaft22. RundeSC Schwarz-Weiß Bregenz
Details4:252 ALTA4:202.08.2000Österreichische Meisterschaft6. RundeAdmira
Details1:07Freistoß ALTH1:129.07.2000Österreichische Meisterschaft5. RundeGAK
Details2:076 ALTH2:018.07.2000Österreichische Meisterschaft3. RundeLASK
Details1:029 ALTH4:112.07.2000Österreichische Meisterschaft2. RundeSturm Graz
Details3:069 ALTH4:019.11.1999Österreichische Meisterschaft21. RundeAustria Lustenau
Details1:071 ALTA2:004.08.1999UEFA Champions LeagueQualifikationFC Valletta
Details1:055 ALTH3:028.07.1999UEFA Champions LeagueQualifikationFC Valletta